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Argument Against Too Much Television free essay sample

There have been numerous discussions of whether TV is awful for you or bravo. The two sides have thought of many intriguing realities, a few people say that it very well may be beneficial for you since it tends to be instructive and help develop mental abilities, for example, perusing, tuning in, and so on. This is genuine yet just in a specific way; TV can be useful however just in controlled sums. Be that as it may, a great many people don’t have these controlled sums, and sometimes, really have an incredible inverse everyday practice. They invest more energy before T. V than all else, and in this exposition I will remark on the impacts that an excessive amount of TV can cause. First impact: Television can make helpless insight Watching an excessive amount of TV can cause eye strain, individuals like TV a ton and some of the time they gaze at it for a really long time since they like it so much they don’t need to turn away. Since they do this, it harms the natural eye and cause eye strain. Study’s made in the â€Å"General electric company† have concluded that a T. V emanates x-beams, and a lot of these beams can hurt eyes. A normal individual spends around two before a T. V if not more, and these x-beams will actually flood through your eyes and consume your light receptors. Furthermore, since most people spend innumerable hours before a TV in the course of their life, it is just normal that the individual will have an eye fatigue. A few people, particularly kids, are interested with this devise and can’t get enough of it. Furthermore, so as to assuage these requirements they generally stick their face before the TV and uncover their eyes straightforwardly to the x-beams and in this manner putting their eyes legitimately before the discharging x-beams permitting the nerves inside their eye to copy up right away. Can hurt eye lead, after these reasons, every one of them cause astigmatism. Different investigations have presumed that investing an excess of energy inside can stop understudy dialation and cause an individual from not having the option to see in luminated places, and in this way making the individual attempt to stay away from light, in other words†¦daytime. In different cases, if an individual watches an excessive amount of TV it can cause eye development and this is important for an individual since things step by step get more diligently to peruse as you create on the planet. Since a person’s visual perception can be harmed from TV it can cause the individual to create different side effects with respect to slow loss of vision, for example, outrage or brutality. Second impact: Too much T. V can cause wellbeing side effects They can be negative, kids that observe over two hours of TV are bound to get overweight since the main thing they do is become a habitually lazy person. There have been cases that a few people become so associated or better said dependent that they really become forceful whenever made to withdrawl for some time or upset while sitting in front of the TV. In others, the individual who has uncovered for a really long time to TV imagine that the things he finds in T. V are in reality genuine and are continually terrified that something awful is continually going to occur. As a result of these happenings, they can construct unsafe practices. Another arrangement of side effects can hurt psychological well-being. The â€Å"Pediatric wellbeing issues† have made different commitments to this idea, for example, the early phases of wretchedness can be brought about by exorbitant TV as a result of the individual needing their life to be progressively similar to the motion pictures, the development of unfortunate propensities like creation sitting in front of the TV one of the first concerns throughout their life, stop to discover joy in something besides staring at the TV, including fundamental delights, for example, eating. What's more, in exceptionally uncommon case, the individual truly loses his or hers nerve incitement, so this individual really can't feel anything. Third impact: Eats away at a person’s psyche and connections Mental wellbeing, some of the time an individual turns out to be so dependent on TV they really quit thinking about the world with everything without exception inside it aside from him/herself and the TV.. On the off chance that the individual watches a lot of TV the person may likewise be inclined to colossal heaps of stress. This happens on the grounds that; regardless of whether the individual is dependent on TV the person in question may in any case have obligations they need to perform. The individual may understand that on the off chance that they don’t achieve these errands, they won't have the option to keep doing what they love best, watching T. V. What's more, since they recognize this, they will attempt to get, whatever is blocking they’re time from their preferred thing in world, off the beaten path as fast as could reasonably be expected. Therefore, the person will be presented to superfluous pressure. Another symptom is that the individual will have rest issue, in light of the fact that the individual brain is handling the heaps of pictures it has seen. Additionally, these people are bound to obtain the psychological instability known as Alzheimer’s. Pulverizes connections, from observing an excessive number of motion pictures, the individual may need unthinkable things from they’re accomplice, they can quit thinking about they’re accomplice, can get unsatisfied with they’re accomplice and last lean toward TV over people. These realities were found from the examination of â€Å"Journal mass correspondence and study†. You have quite recently perused the perused my proof of why I believe that a lot of TV is awful. The facts confirm that it very well may be useful and instructive, however this is possibly evident whenever taken in little dosages. There are numerous different reasons why a lot of TV is awful so I won't attempt to name them, so the choice lies on you. Keep on mollifying your requirement for TV, or bring its impacts to an abrupt halt following right after its. An excess of TV is harmfull.

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Leadership in Context

The â€Å"Ah Hal† second is circulated administration really did occurred in my past arrangement as the Course Commander in the Engineer Training Institute (ET). Being chosen in the arrangement and the most senior in rank, I normally took on the situation of the pioneer with my subordinates taking Instructions from me. In any case, for specific occasions, for example, sorting out of unit's Chinese New Year occasion, overseeing of official cadets' attachment exercises, and explicit preparing bundles, I designated the intending to my team.Through the procedure, it was urging to see a portion of my educators stepped up to the plate and rise as the expect pioneer to arrange and effectively finished the assignment with least oversight. Notwithstanding being fruitful, I had likewise seen that my teachers' Kim-Yin Chain et al. , Military Leadership in the 21st Century Science and Practice, first version (Singapore: Coinage Learning Asia, 2011). Peg 148 2 Leonard Wong, Paul Bellies, a nd Dennis McGuire, â€Å"Military Leadership: A Context Specific Review,† US Army Research, January 1, 2003, http://young people. Nil. Due/chrysanthemum/1 6. Peg 657-692. Reiterative in sorting out the occasion could have been restricted by my oversight eventually of time. Subsequently, It Is of my view that It Is Indeed conceivable that appropriated initiative can be Implemented effectively In specific zones In SAFE. My post-activity audit Len-connection to the idea of Orpheus are being summed up in three focuses. Right off the bat, use of disseminated administration can be applied in military setting especially for a little gathering who had accomplished a specific degree of military competencies.It gives chances to a rotational position of authority, permitting any person to converge as pioneer and to understand the rich potential as a gathering. Furthermore, the strengthening given to the Individual must be regarded and trusted to lessen their power and authority through a common vision, crucial reason. The idea will permit the gathering to produce more noteworthy enthusiasm and inspiration to arrive at the ideal result. Ultimately, circulated authority should be painstakingly adjusted in a generally various leveled association to forestall an inappropriate impression of a laissez-more attractive or no administration approach.By arranging forward, appropriated initiative can be seed to upgraded explicit center capabilities abilities 3, for example, innovative speculation, imparting to impact, dynamic, create individuals and group, building up the person for progress. Assignment 2: State the arrangement that you are probably going to be presented on after SC. Being a Combat Engineer by occupation, my next conceivable arrangement may be assuming control over order in one of the legion of Singapore Combat Engineer (SEE).I will 3 SAFE-OLD Doctrine Directive 2/2004. SAFE Leadership Framework. 26 July 04. Give my evaluation and bearing in agreement to â⠂¬Å"Circle† of the SAFE Leadership 417 Frameworks; crucial reason, working condition and wanted result, to endeavor advance and accomplish an aggregate vision for my unit. Crucial Purpose. From the hypothesis of center belief system by Jim Collins and Jerry Operas, the guiding principle and center motivation behind extraordinary association doesn't change. The unit's crucial reason in accordance with SAFE, in peacetime, is to shield our country's security, along these lines guaranteeing Singapore endurance eventually. I will work to guarantee that the unit play out the capacity of raise, prepare and support, and keeps on being prepared to assume its job in game plan Singapore security during my visit and for years to come. I would consider receiving the administration in Battle and Garrisons that was instructed in LLC exercise 8 in accomplishing the mission under contrasting situational requirements.Understanding the adaptability of the contending esteems and practices will in itially permit me to put accentuation in keeping up important in satisfying the â€Å"swift and conclusive triumph' some portion of the MINDED/SAFE strategic restored the attention on the unit's more sultry capacity, to set up the structure hinders for our developing job later on working condition. 4 SAFE-OLD Doctrine Directive 2/2004. SAFE Leadership Framework. 26 July 04. Jim Collins and Jerry I. Shows, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies 6 Reuben Gal and A.David Manageresses, Handbook of Military Psychology, 1 release (Chester ; New York: Wiley, 1991). Peg. 411-429. 5 Operating Environment From LLC exercise 7 that hierarchical culture is essential to the impact of administration and the other way around. Edgar H. Plan said † bunch development and culture arrangement can be viewed as cut out of the same cloth, and both are the consequence of administration exercises and shared experiences†. 7 The working condition of the unit isn't Just being prepa red to deal with any possibility yet in addition being operationally capable to do our security procedure on an every day basis.Thus the unit should be operationally prepared to confront the nonstop perplexing VI-CA condition. The unit should prepare the men to achieve an affirmed degree of specialized fitness on working battle designers' types of gear and sharpening the diagnostic elements of the administrators to working in the different working conditions. The unit culture will be â€Å"a example of hared, essential underestimated presumptions, the way of life will show itself at the degree of detectable relics and shared embraced convictions and values†. To fulfill the need and impacting the way of life, I will take on the authority by guide to be the wellspring of convictions and qualities to bit by bit construct a common suspicions among the administrators and men in the unit. Wanted Outcome My ideal result is to build up an operational, strong and discipline unit, whic h is equipped for keeping up security and making crucial in a wide range of activities. The unit ought to involves submitted officers who are exceptionally capable in their assignments and pleased with their way of life as Combat Engineer soldiers.A scarcely any key components to concentrate on to keep up significant level of execution and competency are: (1) To show 7 Edgar H. Plan, Organizational Culture and Leadership, third Edition version (San Francisco: Josses Bass, 2004). Peg 87-88 8 Ibid. Initiative by model. Pioneers who â€Å"walks the talk† will empower his men and administrators to detect and be motivated by the activities and duty. (2) To assemble quality connections. I am likewise a firm adherent of the Core Theory of Success 9, where people results. (3) To impart a feeling of purpose.Never â€Å"go through motion† and clarify of the reason in the entrusting in order to empower solid feeling of proprietorship and cultivate a more grounded duty to the unit . Assignment 3: Identify and clarify the key initiative necessities for my arrangement. Qualities Figure 1 . SAFE every minute of every day Leadership Frameworks Based on the SAFE day in and day out Leadership Framework (allude to Figure 1), a SAFE chief will require the four components gave inside the triangular square to compelling initiative. First key prerequisite is values which is the fundamental establishment of the triangle.A solid arrangement of 9 John Steersman, Organizational Learning at Work: Embracing the Challenges of the New Work place (Waltham, Mass: Pegasus Communications, 1998). 10 Adapted from SAFE-OLD Doctrine Directive 2/2004, â€Å"SAFE Leadership Framework†, dated 26 July 2004. Peg esteems that SAFE heads determine their ethical quality for impacting their fighters. 11. The significance of qualities can't be exaggerated and henceforth my qualities should be lined up with the SAFE basic beliefs to stay firm in my feelings and activities. Administration i s the way toward affecting individuals. 2 1 will show others how its done and embody the SAFE guiding principle to emphatically impact my commandants and men. With the reliable teaching of qualities, it will be a guide for everybody to do the correct things in any case whether one is being viewed or not. Full-Range Leadership †Balancing among Transactional and Transformational Figure 2: Relationship of ELM in the Military Context The following key prerequisite is initiative styles. There is no single authority style adequate for all circumstances and getting three specific styles of initiative (I. E. Situational Leadership, Path-objective hypothesis and Full Range model) from LLC exercise 5, it 11SEA-OLD Doctrine Directive 2/2004, â€Å"SAFE Leadership Framework†, dated 26 July 2004. Peg 3 13 Adapted from APP Chain, K. Y. , LACE-02-Slides_Overview_Concepts_Appropriateness DARPA-22 †for STUDENTS APP. Slide 49. Was comprehended that the styles of administration were r egularly needy of the pioneer, the adherent and circumstances. I accept the full range initiative model is most appropriate for my next arrangement and I have to adjust the scope of styles among value-based and transformational with the goal that I can successfully impart and lead as an Officer Commanding (CO) of a Battalion.Reaching for transformational authority Tyler will prone to yield a positive and longer-enduring impacts. Initiative, Management and Command Figure 2: Relationship of ELM in the Military Context Other than SAFE all day, every day Leadership Framework, I will need to take a gander at the idea of Leadership, Management and Command (ELM) (allude to Figure 2) from LLC exercise 2 to be one of the key necessity. ELM are three particular ideas yet indivisible and intertwined†1 5. Assuming control over an order arrangement causes me to stay further into the LLC 14 Adapted from APP Chain, K. Y. , LOCO 15 Chain et al. Military Leadership in the 21st Century Science and Practice. Peg 8-14 idea. Looking past peacetime entrusting and activities, in spite of the fact that the use of each of the three idea are similarly significant, I will concentrate more on influential position to impact troopers by giving the reason, heading and inspiration that required to made crucial. 16 Task 4: My authority qualities and shortcomings? As per my MYSELF report and coordinating the outcome with the SAFE day in and day out Leadership Framewo

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Zara Market Segment Essay Example

Zara Market Segment Essay Example Zara Market Segment Paper Zara Market Segment Paper Established in 1975 in Spain, the dress organization Ezra possesses more than 2000 stores in 88 nations. Its parent organization, Inedited, one of the universes greatest design retailers with eight brands and in excess of 6390 stores around the world, made a net benefit of more than 2. 3 billion euros a year ago. Ezra fabricates its worldwide accomplishment on speed, which permits it to convey the new structured item to various stores far and wide inside fourteen days. Ezra deliberately opened its stores in driving urban areas with high populace. Clearly it is identified with Saras advertise fragment. In spite of the fact that Inedited structures different comparative style garments brands like PullBear, Shoo and Strabismus, their focused on clients and market sections are not the equivalent, yet integral. Ezra focuses on its own market portion and appropriately has separate plan, creation and situating methodology. Segment division assumes a fundamental job. Saras showcase section centers around ladies as opposed to men. In particular, its focused on clients are between 18-40 with mid-go pay. A large portion of them are keen on style and hold a feverish way of life. In spite of the fact that they are style monstrosities they probably won't be reasonable to the extravagance couture and they may not concentrate on the quality. In view of this, what they expect especially from the market is the extravagant and in vogue dress with medium-valued and fast substitution, which implies the speed of configuration, creating and conveyance is urgent. So as to fulfill their necessities, Saras originators get their motivation and structure and afterward classy garments can be introduced in each Ezra store just fourteen days after the fact, while, most style brands sell their garments in four seasons. Lower value, moderate quality, quick and dependable conveyance, wide scope of trendy items are the serious variables of Ezra. Such upper hands depend on the constant creation and quick speed of delivery new items. To accomplish these, Saras youthful originators plan around 40000 new garments for every year and dispatch 10000 of them. Most new plans are the most recent pattern however with a lower value, which assists Ezra with beating its extravagance style brands who give the comparable structure items. In this way, lower cost, quick speed and dependable conveyance are all request victors.

Henry Fayols Principles of Management Assignment

Henry Fayols Principles of Management - Assignment Example Value. There ought to be a reasonable and equivalent treatment of all workers by the administration. In an association, the principles and guidelines ought to apply similarly to all work force. There ought not be any type of victimization any of the representative or to support any of them. Authority. The chiefs of any association ought to be in a situation to provide arranges and guarantee that all requests follow. For example, the guidelines and rules given by the administration ought to be followed and regarded by all workers. Control. Representatives of an association must regard the standards, guidelines, and the laws that administer the association. This will guarantee there is clear participation between the administration and representatives. The representatives must adhere to all the directions, and be answerable for all the exercises assigned to them. Solidarity of order. There ought to be a characterized wellspring of requests and data in an association. The wellspring of the requests and data should originate from the most elevated level of the board to the workers at the least level. Solidarity of heading. Any association ought to have clear destinations that are to be accomplished by the aggregate exercises of the considerable number of workers in the association. These goals ought to be feasible. All the organization’s exercises ought to be customized towards the accomplishment of the destinations. Subjection of individual enthusiasm to the general intrigue. The goals of the association must supplant the targets of every person. All the workers in an association ought to have similar destinations of accomplishing the general authoritative objectives. Their targets ought not forestall the accomplishment of the authoritative objectives. Compensation. All the workers in an association must get sufficient compensations for their administration in the association. The contribution of a representative ought to be equivalent to the yields determined. There ought to be no misuse of anyâ employee.

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Mis 2200 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Mis 2200 - Essay Example One ought to comprehend this key component of the group’s cosmetics while sketching out the mode and substance of one’s introduction. Dissimilar to a standard business crowd that frequently contains workers and business delegates joined by normal business destinations and fitting information and experience of the introduction point, the objective of finishing the course is regularly the shared factor with the study hall crowd. For the study hall crowd, specialized language may not be fitting, and the degree of detail introduced ought to be exclusively custom fitted to oblige the distinctions in information on the crowd. Furthermore, likewise with any crowd, the homeroom crowd acknowledges clearness and curtness. Regularly, various understudies convey introductions during one class. The capacity to convey in a reasonable and brief way when introducing can include effect and enthusiasm for the crowd. On the other hand, moderators who meander aimlessly and give incidental detail can make an introduction exhausting and awkward. Like knowing the crowd, the proper degree of detail introduced in an unmistakable and succinct way is basic to conveying a vital and astute message. Abilities applied in the study hall mean any introduction setting, and can be a basic piece of achievement in the business world. Especially in a study hall setting, one should know one’s crowd and comprehend the level detail required for compelling conveyance of the material. Lucidity and brevity are crucial to effective introduction and the moderator should tailor the conveyance of the message to the one of a kind crowd in participation as much as

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5 Ways That Theories of Psychology Explain Love

5 Ways That Theories of Psychology Explain Love November 21, 2019 Anthony Harvie/Stone/Getty Images More in Theories Social Psychology Behavioral Psychology Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Personality Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology Why do people fall in love? Why are some forms of love so lasting and others so fleeting? Psychologists and researchers have proposed several different theories of love to explain how love forms and endures. Love is a basic human emotion, but understanding how and why it happens is not necessarily easy. In fact, for a long time, many people suggested that love was simply something too primal, mysterious, and spiritual for science to ever fully understand. The following are four of the major theories proposed to explain love and other emotional attachments. Liking vs. Loving Psychologist Zick Rubin proposed that romantic love is made up of three elements: AttachmentCaringIntimacy Rubin believed that sometimes we experience a great amount of appreciation and admiration for others. We enjoy spending time with them and want to be around them, but this doesnt necessarily qualify as love. Instead, Rubin referred to this as liking. Love, on the other hand, is much deeper, more intense, and includes a strong desire for physical intimacy and contact. People who are in like enjoy each others company, while those who are in love care as much about the other persons needs as they do their own. ?Attachment is the need to receive care, approval, and physical contact with the other person. Caring involves valuing the other persons needs and happiness as much as your own. Intimacy refers to the sharing of thoughts, desires, and feelings with the other person. Based on this definition, Rubin devised a questionnaire to assess attitudes about others and found that these scales of liking and loving provided support for his conception of love. Compassionate vs. Passionate Love According to psychologist Elaine Hatfield and her colleagues, there are two basic types of love: Compassionate lovePassionate love Compassionate love is characterized by mutual respect, attachment, affection, and trust. Compassionate love usually develops out of feelings of mutual understanding and shared a respect for one another. Passionate love is characterized by intense emotions, sexual attraction, anxiety, and affection. When these intense emotions are reciprocated, people feel elated and fulfilled. Unreciprocated love leads to feelings of despondency and despair. Hatfield suggests that passionate love is transitory, usually lasting between 6 and 30 months. Hatfield also suggests that passionate love arises when cultural expectations encourage falling in love, when the person meets your preconceived ideas of ideal love, and when you experience heightened physiological arousal in the presence of the other person. Ideally, passionate love then leads to compassionate love, which is far more enduring. While most people desire relationships that combine the security and stability of compassionate with intense passionate love, Hatfield believes that this is rare. The Color Wheel Model of Love In his 1973 book The Colors of Love, psychologist John Lee compared styles of love to the color wheel. Just as there are three primary colors, Lee suggested that there are three primary styles of love. These three styles of love are: Eros: The term eros stems from the Greek word meaning passionate or erotic. Lee suggested that this type of love involves both physical and emotional passion.  Ludos:  Ludos comes from the Greek word meaning game. This form of love is conceived as playful and fun, but not necessarily serious. Those who exhibit this form of love are not ready for commitment and are wary of too much intimacy.Storge:  Storge stems from the Greek term meaning natural affection. This form of love is often represented by familial love between parents and children, siblings, and extended family members. This type of love can also develop out of friendship where people who share interests and commitments gradually develop affection for one another. Continuing the color wheel analogy, Lee proposed that just as the primary colors can be combined to create complementary colors, these three primary styles of love could be combined to create nine different secondary love styles. For example, combining Eros and Ludos results in mania or obsessive love. Lee’s 6 Styles of Loving Three primary styles:1. Eros â€" Loving an ideal person2. Ludos â€" Love as a game3. Storge â€" Love as friendshipThree secondary styles:1. Mania (Eros Ludos) â€" Obsessive love2. Pragma (Ludos Storge) â€" Realistic and practical love3. Agape (Eros Storge) â€" Selfless love Triangular Theory of Love Psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed a triangular theory suggesting that there are three components of love: IntimacyPassionCommitment Different combinations of these three components result in different types of love. For example, combining intimacy and commitment results in companionate love, while combining passion and intimacy leads to romantic  love. According to Sternberg, relationships built on two or more elements are more enduring than those based on a single component. Sternberg uses the term consummate love to describe combining intimacy, passion, and commitment. While this type of love is the strongest and most enduring, Sternberg suggests that this type of love is rare.

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Known As Oedipus Rex - Free Essay Example

Also known as Oedipus Rex, King Oedipus is an Athenian tragedy written by Sophocles that was first performed around 429 BC. In the play, there is a prophecy that claims Oedipus will murder his father and wed his mother. Oedipus tries to elude his fate but in the end the prophecy came to pass. During the entirety of the play, there are certain elements that make King Oedipus a tragedy. The play is a part of this genre because it has a tragic hero in the way that Oedipus embodies all the qualities that make one, it has tragic action in which events result in a catastrophe or defeat, and it has tragic irony because Oedipus attempts to do the right thing but ends up doing the wrong thing. One reason why King Oedipus is considered a tragedy is the fact that it has a tragic hero, Oedipus. There are four qualities that a person must have to become one. For the first quality, Oedipus was born into the royal family of Thebes, but, The Corinthian, a servant of Polybus, King of Corinth, in due course brought the child to his royal master, who, being childless, gladly welcomed the infant and adopted it as his own (KO, 24). This quote shows how Oedipus, after being left to die, is adopted by another royal king. For the second quality, at the end of the play, Oedipus gouges his eyes out, What should I do with eyes where all is ugliness? (KO, 63). This shows Oedipus fall from grace. He punishes himself because he could not bear to see the world now that he discovers the truth. The third quality that makes Oedipus a tragic hero is that he has a hamartia, hubris, which is exaggerated pride or self-confidence, And where were you, when the Dog-faced witch was here? . A seer should have answered it; but answer came there none from you until I came – I, ignorant Oedipus, came – and stopped the riddlers mouth, guessing the truth (KO, 36-37). Oedipus is saying how he, an ordinary man, could solve a riddle the seer could not. This shows how his pride comes out at full force when threatened. The last quality is that Oedipus experiences a discovery and a peripety. At the end of the play, Oedipus discovers that it was him who murdered his father and that he married his mother, this is also a peripety since Oedipus had a seemingly perfect life, but all that changes when he learns the truth. Furthermore, another reason why this play is considered a tragedy is because it includes tragic action, which results in a catastrophe and defeat for Oedipus. Before he came to Thebes, Oedipus left his home in Corinth because he heard of the terrible prophecy. Oedipus met some travelers (Oedipus will soon learn that it was Lauis) that, roughly [orders] [him] out of the way (KO, 48). They fight and Oedipus kills them all. These actions result in the first part of the prophecy being completed. At the end of the play, Oedipus goes to look for Jocasta, his wife/mother, only to find that she hung herself. He sees that, her dress was pinned with golden brooches, which [he] snatched out and thrust into his eyes (KO, 61). This is an immense catastrophe for the King of Thebes. Oedipus recently discovers that his whole life is a lie and now his wife is dead. Finally, the last reason that makes Oedipus Rex a tragedy is the fact that the play incorporates tragic irony. Tragic irony is the use of dramatic irony in a tragedy so that the audience is aware that a characters words or actions will bring about a tragic or fatal result, while the character himself is not. At the beginning of the play, Oedipus learns the cause of the plague: the killer of Laius needed to be banished. He goes on to say, The gods curse all that disobey this charge! (KO, 33). Ironically, Oedipus is cursing himself because he is currently unaware of the truth. Later, the king vows, to fight for him now, as [he] would fight for [his] own father, and leave no way untried to bring to light the killer of Laius (KO, 33). Unknowingly, Oedipus vows to fight and find himself. It wasnt until later when Oedipus finds out the truth. As a way of trying to solve the problem, Oedipus calls Teiresias, a blind prophet. Oedipus begs him to say who the murderer is but Teiresias would not tell. The king then ridicules the prophet for being blind, and angrily, Teiresias says, Have you eyes and do not see your own damnation? (KO, 37). Teiresias tells Oedipus that he is blind to his own life and ironically, at the end of the play Oedipus truly ends up blind. Only then does he realize the truth of the blind prophets word. In conclusion, the use of tragic hero, tragic action, and tragic irony, together creates the perfect tragedy. King Oedipus is exceedingly important because throughout the play, Oedipus shows character development. At the beginning, Oedipus was very prideful and ignorant but becomes insightful and understands his life and how fate will always run its course, no matter how hard you try to fight it.